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Great Beer 4 hardworking humans!
You earned it!
Long days, late nights, on your feet, or at the desk. Pushing through in the sweltering heat or bitter cold. Up at the crack of dawn to do it all over again. Sound familiar? This is the life we chose to live, and the life we lead. Our desire to give it our all never waivers.
We are hardworking humans who enjoy the fruits of our labour.  Have a cold one with us. Come on! You earned it. And so did we!
Our Mission

To us, great beer has flavour, diversity, complexity and food compatibility. At 4th Meridian, we aim to build an inclusive community around great beer.

We are proud to wrap our hands around our work, because our products are made by our hands, using top quality, local ingredients.

Our values

We value a true and honest effort. It's at the core of everything we do.

We value great quality products that are never bland, never boring!

We value a respectful, inclusive, and welcoming environment.

We deeply value our community and are grateful to be part of it.

We value all of our wonderful customers - both businesses and individuals.

We love animals and there will always be a place for them at the taproom

We value and celebrate all the things that make us different!

Ribstone Creek Brewery

4th Meridian Brewing Company acquired Ribstone Creek Brewery in December 2022. Check it out here!

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